Who We Are.

Dr Scott Von

Dr Scott Von is an Integral Physician and Psychoanalyst as well as a Philosopher, Poet, and Artist. He is Director of the New Clinic for Integral Medicine & Psychiatry in NY and LA, for over twenty years offering practices in integrative medicine, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and acupuncture in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Soho and Midtown Manhattan, Hollywood and Malibu, CA. He is also Director of Analytica – the first fully virtual online international psychoanalytic training and research institute. He is a pioneer in the fields of alternative and integral psychiatry and in psychoanalytic and psychosomatic medicine, where he has developed new techniques for intractable and unsolvable cases. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Psychoanalysis and his Doctor of Medicine with residency in Neuropsychiatry. He has been a member for twenty years of Apres-Coup psychoanalytic in NY which is a member of Convergencia international Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalytic association, and trustee of PLACE, a Lacanian analytic school and clinic in Los Angeles. He has also trained in Jungian and Reichian psychoanalysis, homeopathic pharmacology and acupuncture osteopathy. Dr Von has taught and supervised as a professor at NYU, CUNY, Pacific College, American College of TCM, Cal Institute of Integral Studies, Esalen and other universities, medical schools, and analytic institutes on the integration of psychoanalysis, medicine, and psychiatry. As an artist and poet, he has performed and exhibited his work at major galleries and venues internationally.

Dr Julie Von

Dr Julie Von is an Integral Doctor, Fertility Consultant, and Co-Director of New Clinic. She received her Doctor of Medicine specializing in integrative East-West Medicine and did her Residency in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Shanghai University, becoming one of the first and youngest doctors in the US to complete this advanced program developed by the People’s Republic. Dr Von has over a decade of experience in full practice working with the most advanced clinicians in the field of fertility medicine. She integrates her medical education with her initiation into psychic and intuitive practice and her psychoanalytic training at Analytica Institute. She has an unmatched success rate in fertility cases and her method has assisted countless couples in conceiving and carrying healthy children into the world. She was declared the “Baby Whisperer” by Manhattan Magazine, and featured in the Guardian, Vogue and other high-profile media. Dr Von’s experience within both reproductive medicine and medical intuition makes her a unique advocate for her clients, while the energetic and intuitive work she provides is grounded in extensive clinical and medical experience.

Jenifer Gnisci

Jenifer Gnisci is a board-certified licensed Acupuncturist, Spiritual Counselor, and Astrologer. She received her BS in Neurobiology at Evergreen State College where she completed the pre-medical program, and her MS in Acupuncture with honors at Tri-State College in New York. Jennifer did advanced post-graduate training and residency in the New Clinic Integral Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Fertility program. While treating all health concerns, she specializes in injury and pain management, neurological and stress disorders, and women’s health and fertility. Jennifer’s work is spiritually focused, helping to restore emotional and psychological balance to those experiencing stress, trauma, and transition.

Dr Lincoln C Bickford

Dr Lincoln Bickford is a Physician, Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist, and Psychopharmacologist consulting at New Clinic and internationally through extensive travel and telemedicine. He received his MD and PhD from Columbia University and became board-certified in Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry. He subsequently did training in Taoist psychology, Tai Chi, and Yoga therapy and became Founding Director of Quixing Temple retreat center in Guatemala. Dr Bickford is committed to improving the wellness of patients through a flexible and ethical patient-centered approach. He works to integrate pharmaceuticals with integrative and holistic medical and psychiatric methods. He also works with the New Clinic Integral Neuro-Psychiatry program to specialize in pharmaceutical and addiction withdrawal and alternative psychiatry for patients in crisis and extreme states.

Dr Heather Kim

Dr Heather Kim is an Osteopathic Physician and a board certified Pediatrician who completed her residency at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas. Dr Kim is the creator of Intuitive Pediatrics which offers a unique holistic approach integrating maternal well-being with children’s health.  Blending traditional medicine with modern research she works to bridge allopathic and osteopathic medicine and the deeper realms of healing.

Dr Susannah Mileshina

Dr Susannah Mileshina received her PhD in Psychology from Fordham University and psychoanalytic training at Analytica, and developed an integrative clinical practice drawing on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, hypnosis, and trauma work. She specializes in issues related to abuse, addiction, impulsivity, mood disorder, psychosis, and other extreme states – integrating theoretically grounded practice with what is individual in each case. In addition to her private practice with adults and children she has over a decade of clinical experience at Monadnock Family Services, Keene State College, Baruch College, Brooklyn College, Kingsbrook Medical Center, Pathways ACT, Brooklyn Community Services, and the New School University.