Our Method

New Clinic is a unique design in health care guided by the creative drive in human vitality. Rather than add toxic substances to the body, we use only natural treatments which support the body’s own healing processes and facilitate the unfolding of the client’s life potential. We have taken the best therapeutic systems-Eastern and Western, traditional and modern, physical and psychological-and refined them into a simple integral approach.

Because we treat the whole person rather than the symptom, consultations involve an extensive analysis of physical, energetic, and psychospiritual aspects of the individual’s history. We design a unique treatment plan for each person depending on needs and finances. Clients are then invited to take part in their own healing through various therapies and/or workshops that we provide within a unique four-step integral program:

1. Elimination    2. Detoxification    3. Tonification    4. Actualization

The initial phase of treatment addresses the chief complaints and symptoms usually providing rapid change yet without covering up the underlying problem. After this phase the patient may choose to engage in a longer term process of working more deeply to address underlying constitutional factors, release old traumas and reverse chronic disease.


Originating out of the practice of Dr Scott Von since 1995 in New York, the New Clinic has treated over 100 patients per week for over 20 years – over 100,000 patients. It is one of the oldest and busiest practices in the country in integrative medicine & psychiatry; psychoanalysis & psychotherapy; acupuncture & osteopathic surgery, and homeopathic and naturopathic medicine. It is also the oldest and most experienced medical and therapeutic practice of any kind in Williamsburg Brooklyn where it operates in conjunction with its offices in Soho and Midtown Manhattan. It was founded as a unique “laboratory” clinic for the most advanced forms of medicine & psychiatry integrating practices from diverse modern and traditional medical systems East and West – as well as operating a school for advanced psychoanalytic medical and psychiatric work.


Consumers now spend more money out-of-pocket on alternative medicine than on orthodox medical systems politically and economically controlled by corporations. The New Clinic is devoted to offering better services for less. Like artisan associations, we have unified in order to offer a solid alternative.

Ultimately, the New Clinic is guided by a spiritual philosophy which recognizes that the patient is not just a material body subject to determinism but a psychospiritual being with the potential to create its universe in relation to other beings.

Through many years of experience, we recognize that the third-party payment system is one of the main barriers to true healing. Just as large-scale corporate farming based on the profit motive has adulterated the nutrition of our food, profit-based medical systems do not best serve the patient. Unlike organic farmers and grocers, however, services at the New Clinic are actually far less than the orthodox model.

While we accept only cash for our services, you may be able to submit your claims for reimbursement by your insurance company, and you are encouraged to do so. By participating in the New Clinic Alternative Health Network you will be sending a message about what you want as a consumer so that more alternative medicine will be provided to all.

The initial consultation involves an extensive analysis of your conditions sometimes lasting well over an hour. We seek to turn no one away. If you demonstrate financial need we will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your budget.

After the initial consultation you may be able to carry out your treatment plan partially by internet and/or phone if you do not live near a clinic or practitioner. While we prefer the initial consultation to be in person, special arrangements may be possible for certain conditions. We currently have offices in Soho and Williamsburg, New York City, but maintain an extended network of patients throughout the country by internet, phone and personal visits. For more information or to set up an appointment please call or consult our website. At the New Clinic we treat the underlying cause of manifest symptoms. Rather than suppressing symptoms, we analyze them in the context of deeper constitutional imbalances. We are then able to address conditions more quickly and permanently and to prevent other symptoms from arising.


While patients may come to perceive their experience of disease according to a particular diagnosis, by reframing this according to the individual’s particular constitution and history we are able to approach previously untreatable conditions and stubborn symptoms in a new way. Some of the conditions for which people seek treatment include:

MIND ~ Stress, Panic, Insomnia, Confusion

EMOTIONS ~ Depression, Anxiety, Hypertension

ADDICTIONS ~ Smoking, Drugs, Weight Gain

PAIN ~ Headache, Back Pain, Injury, Arthritis

ALLERGIES ~ Food, Seasons, Chemicals, Asthma

INFECTIONS ~ Cold, Flu, Sinus, Urinary, STD

FATIGUE ~ Immune Deficiency, Exhaustion

DIGESTION ~ Irritable Bowel, Ulcer, Appetite

SEXUALITY ~ PMS, Impotence, Infertility

SKIN ~ Rash, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Scars